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Hello Dear Music Lovers!
Many of you are exactly now enjoying your summer holiday or planning to travel soon to recharge your batteries. The summer is full of fantastic open air events and festivals, so luckily you don’t have to take a break from the music you love 🙂 We are very happy to be a part of a couple of these events, which gives us a pretty condensed schedule in August. Hopefully you will find yourself close enough to take part in some of them. Here comes more info about the first one, welcome!Pildammsteatern, Foto Ewa Levau Malmö stad

Picture of Pildammsteatern by Ewa Levau/Malmö stad

August the 5th – Pildammsteatern in Pildammsparken in Malmö. Here in the legendary amfitheater filled with the great musical memories and fantastic spirit we will have the pleasure of playing the yearly concert for Harry Arnold Society presented in the frames of Sommarscen Malmö. During the concert Roger Berg Big Band will back up two grant receivers. This year we will meet a true legend and a very dedicated swing musician and music promoter, Jan Slottenäs, whose intense work brought the swing music, especially Glenn Miller’s music, to many listeners in Scandinavia and even France. The leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, trombonist, conductor and singer has been awarded with Harry Arnold grant for his overall achievements in the big band jazz music.

Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia stor

Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia http://www.glennmillerorchestra.se/

Sadly it has been announced that Jan’s work with his Glenn Miller project is coming to an end. Due to the heavy economical situation the band found it challenging to continue with the activities, as the Band Manager Sven Olof Slottenäs said to Peter Kastensson, also Harry Arnold Society member*. Then this grant, which is an expression of the great respect for the intense and extremely dedicated work with swing music, is coming in a very important moment. It truly becomes an award for all the years of Jan Slottenäs’ work. Congratulations Janne and keep swingin’, no matter what!

The second person to appear with Roger Berg Big Band on the 5th of August is Simon Petersson. The role of a doublebass player in jazz music cannot be more crucial. The board of the Harry Arnold Society saw a true talent and great craft in Simon’s work. As the Chairman of the society Bo Hirche says, it’s a “smart talent with a fantastic feeling for big band music”*. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to Simon during the concert in Pildammsteatern, when he will borrow the chair from our regular doublebass player Lasse Lundström (another Harry Arnold grant receiver from the year 2012).

simon peterssonSimon Petersson, doublebass player, from artist’s press materials

During this evening the band will also present a couple of music pieces from Harry Arnold’s book. We are even going to have a vocal touch in the program, as there will be our vocal trio presenting some of the Andrews Sisters’ songs. Please give a warm welcome to the newly formed unit, that is developing the idea of the vocal group and working in the area of harmony singing and backup vocals, as well as solo performances. This evening you will see and hear: Katarina Elmberg Jonsson, Dorota Berg and Sandra Marielle Hansson-Cehic, who is subbing for our Danish singer Christina Ölgaard Thomsen. All the ladies present genuine music fascination and have miscallenous experiences. More about the trio soon on our blog.

Roger Berg Big Band Trio rogerberg.com

So save the date and be there with us: Wednesday the 5th of August 2015, Storbandskalas, Pildammsteatern Malmö, the concert starts at 19.00.

Info: This concert is a part of Sommarscen Malmö 10-years anniversary and presents in the cooperation with Harry Arnold Society. You can find out more about the society’s activities at www.harryarnold.se If you want to support this great music appreciation society and take part in many other events, become a member.  You can also get the magazine “Stand by” with many interesting articles, memories and news. More info at the Harry Arnold Society website.

*Quotations come from the magazine “Stand by” nr 2, 2015 by Harry Arnold Society, translation to English by D. Berg

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  1. Mot slutet står den 15. augusti. Skall vara den 5. augusti!!!!!
    Vi ses.
    Soliga svängiga hälsningar från Hamburg

    1. Självklart! Tack Bo, hälsningar från Malmö! Och vi kanske ses i Hamburg nån gång, vi skriver mer sen 🙂

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