Big Band Battle 2014

So here we are – the first of this spring’s concerts has just been played in Malmö Konserthus. Last Sunday we met the prominent Carling Big Band with Gunhild Carling and… nearly 1200 listeners!

roger berg big band batle 2014 1

An evening like that is hard to describe in just a few simple words. The project that we’ve been working on for months finally goes on stage. Tough schedule, a lot of preparations, almost 40 musicians to cooperate with, quite a number of tricky music pieces and a meeting with a really BIG audience… All of that makes an event like this a very special and unforgettable experience.

Some people wonder if the “battle” is just a theme or is it a real ingredient of the show? Is it all set up since before or is there a real “fight” and competition happening on stage? Well, to answer this question honestly: both of the bands have one goal – performing in the best and most cheerful way while playing their best numbers and by that – pleasing the audience. They do it in many diferent ways and their repertoire and style differs a lot. However, the “battle” happens for real in many ways. For instance Roger Berg doesn’t know the numbers to be played by Carlings and Carlings don’t know Berg’s agenda. Plus, there are always some spontaneous things to happen, plans to be changed, numbers to be played or replaced… The challenge is real, so is the competition!

At R3B, while preparing for the battles, we think mostly about audience’s expectations and our own ambitions and desires. What should we present? From all the fantastic charts we have – which ones to choose? Which ones to get for the show from the ones we don’t have? How to build a great music experience for our audience, the band we’re playing with (not against!) and ourselves? There’s a lot of thinking, a lot of try outs and play thrus, many hours of youtube watching and digging in the music history. The history we may proudly “dig out” and bring to the contemporary stage. It’s not only a great pleasure and fun – it’s actually a big honor!

roger berg big band battle 2014 2

So, whenever someone comes up to us after the show, writes to us on Facebook or via our website and says that it was a good evening and they had fun, we feel incredibly happy. Not only because they don’t want to get their money back… It’s basically because we can feel that we did the job reasonably well and we get this extra energy to stand up for it once again, and then again and again…

After the Big Band Battle in Malmö on the 13 of april 2014 we feel like the atmosphere of these concerts is absolutely amazing. It’s great to play a battle with so many fantastic musicians and extraordinary personalities on stage. Moreover, the people we have in front of us are real Music Lovers – what an incredible response we got! The next audience we’ll meet on Easter Sunday, the 20th of April, is going to watch the show in Göteborgs Konserthus. If you’re planning to be there – we hope you’ll have a lot of fun!

Footnote: The content of our previous blog had to be moved because of the technical issues. This is why the dates of some posts are not corresponding to the date of the event.

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